Music is something I enjoy greatly and I love strumming my guitar despite being a self-taught amateur. I had written quite a few songs over time but would never have considered recording them until 2006.

I would sing my songs at church on occasions, and one of my sisters had been encouraging me to get the songs heard more publicly.

Following one of the first speaking engagements I had I was asked whether I had a CD for sale! I was astounded.

It took some time to get over my own doubts and fears. A friend made a recommendation and I followed. With each step God provided me with the strength, the ability and the finance to record my first album "The Best is Yet to Be".

Truly it was a blessing to be introduced to and work with Jamie Duffin who made making the album such a delight and to Digital Disc Duplication for making its production so straight forward.

There have been more songs but as yet they remain unrecorded, maybe that will be something for the future...