Remnant Designs Isle of Skye was 'birthed' from a love to design and create whilst being at home with my littlies. I am a stay at home mum which is as rewarding as it is challenging. When we moved to the Isle of Skye in 2010 my desire to 'create' came with renewed gusto. With two little people under 2 my 'free' time was pretty limited at this point and so I would scribble down my ideas.

In 1 Corinthians 13 it says, "these three remain; faith, hope and love" and this was the main inspiration for the business name faith, hope and love 'the remnants' as I called them inspired the 'Remnant' Designs title.

I wanted to make things that were affordable but I did not want to use 'cheap' materials. It has been and still is a continued search for quality but affordable materials to use and any savings I find I pass on to you, the customer.

I have had no formal training as such. In my late teens, while studying business administration, finances were short and so I would make some of my own bags, occasionally remake clothes and when I had my first home I would make picture decorations from different fabrics and materials to put on my walls. Secretly, I was a hoarder and I could use anything and make it into something whether for myself or someone else but this creative side seemed to dwindle and eventually lay dormant for many years.

In 2007 I met and married John and in late 2008 had our first son, followed by our second in early 2010. As said, arrival on Skye, the desire to create was renewed and I had so many ideas it was hard to know where to begin with them all but with a step of faith, a lot of hope and a love to design and create, I took that first step by carrying out a couple of years of market research.

Following this, in 2012, Remnant Designs Isle of Skye was born. The main lead was jewellery for the first year, then in 2013 the "LOVE" Plaques were introduced and in 2014 the "LOVE Bags" range was launched. The business is still in its infancy and I am appreciative of 'word of mouth' recommendations as this is how the business has been moving forward to date.

Each piece is uniquely designed and put together by me for you and the items are what I regard to be fun and funky, colourful, stylish and affordable. I hope you find great joy in any purchase you make or receive from Remnant Designs Isle of Skye.